Turkey Press Release Distribution

G Medya, the ‘’ Turkey Press Release Distribution’’ service brings together your company with websites via a very easy way.

You may reach all targets only from a sole point to which you would like to reach, by distributing your press Releases through G Medya:


Turkey Press Release Distribution :

  • Newspapers and reviews as per properties like media type, publication period, content, distribution (national-regional-local) etc,
  • Press members  as per properties like working subject, writing fields, working zone,  relevant field detail etc,
  • National and local TVs’,
  • News Agencies,
  • General, sectoral and local news websites,
  • Social medial channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc,
  • Forum and Blog writers.

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Press Release Writing and Search Engine Optimisation :

Within the body of G MEDYA, there are staffs specialised on the subject of pres Releases, social media editions and texts optimized for search engines.

You press Releases are written by G MEDYA’s Professional editors by taking into account the search engine optimisation (SEO) criteria… What you should do is only approving.

Online Press Room and Social Media

It is an online serviceable press room specially designed for social medial, search engines and newspapers; to which it would be possible for you to easily have access to your news in newspapers and to your visuals and videos. Rise up your online visibility to superior level by taking a link for your own web site in each of your news.

Media/ News  Tracking Reports

We do not let you alone after you have had access to necessary places when having edited your press Releases.

A comprehensive Printed and online media reports showing in which medium your news have taken part immediately after distribution.

Instant access, press transaction, key word and Facebook interaction reports to which you may have access from the online press room, on a basis of 7 days, 24 hours.

Some of gains supplied by the “Press Release Distribution” service:
  • New customers in long term.
  • A lasting track in Online Media.
  • Increasing your trademark awareness.
  • Time saving for your media works.
  • That all your works remain under your control together with fixed prices in scope of a low budget.
  • Support to your Search Engine works.
  • Efficient content for your social media accounts.
  • Increase in visitors to your website.
  • Accessibility to more consumers through lower budgets.
  • Providing you company with reliability.