Advanced Package

Advanced Package Press Release Distribution Specifications


News Agency Distribution

  • Your press releases are distributed to over 1.400 media subscribers through İhlas News Agency
    • 700  Newspapers and Magazines
    • 90    TV
    • 40    Radio
    • 500  News websites and portals

Press Release Distribution

  • Your press releases are distributed up to 25.000+ journalists and media according to their categories.
    • News Agencies
    • National and local newspapers
    • Sectoral Magazines
    • National and local TV channels
  • Your releases are post to over 600 national news portals.
  • GMEDYA post your news, promotions and releases to other news agencies in Turkey

    • Anadolu Agency
    • Cihan News Agency
    • Dogan News Agency
    • E-News Agency

Press Release Writing

  • An editor of G MEDYA writes your news and press releases in the way you determine or edit them. Distribution process materializes after your approval.

Online Monitoring

  • The report of online publishers are delivered along with the links minimum seven business days after the distribution of your news.

Journalist Distribution Report

  • Distribution report is delivered to journalists statistically seven business days after distribution day.

Media Monitoring

  • After distribute your news and press releases to the necessary publications, we don’t leave you alone. We also deliver newspaper monitoring reports to you on a weekly or monthly basis.


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